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Vladivostok, 690065, Russia.
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Office 106, 17, Vnutriportovaya Str.,
Vrangel, 692941, Russia.
tel: (4236) 665-445, 665-717
fax: (4236) 665-471

Office 8, premises № 4,
5/7, Spartakovskaya Str.,
Khimki, 141402, Russia.
tel: (495) 545-02-33
fax: (495) 545-02-33

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St. Peterburg:
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Orient Express Shanghai branch
Freight Forwarding Co.
China, ShanghaiRm. 201, Block 1,
Pearl of Wisdom Industrial Park,
No.738 Guangji Rd.
 Zip Code: 200434
Телефоны: +86 21 6167-2318
Mobile+86 15000233530
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Services of «Orient Express» company
1. Multimodal carriages
2. Sea carriages
3. Railway carriages
4. Inland carriages /Direct Multimodal Railway Water Traffic/
5. Brokerage and customs services
6. Forwarding at ports
7. Carriage of dangerous, heavyweight and bulk cargoes
1. Multimodal carriages

Efficiently combining the sea, motor, railway and air transport in delivery of clients\' cargoes within international and inland traffic “Orient Express Co., Ltd.” optimizes the dates and the cost of carriages. Multimodal carriages and logistics are not just popular words for us but the work of the well coordinated team believing in its success. The work which obtained the recognition both among foreign partners realized as a wide network of agents at the ports of North and South America, South East Asia, in CIS, Finland. The largest shipping, leasing companies and carriers such as Pacific Gates Container Lines, MSC, Dongnama Line, Hanjin Shipping entrust their equipment with us… We leave stereotypes, we are open for everybody. It makes no difference how many and what do you want to dispatch, we are always ready to help you, we like our work, this is creative activity, this is a search, we offer a full set of transport and logistic services. Now “Orient Express Co., Ltd.” has a diversified network of branches and representations at various ports and in cities of Russia and CIS. The agents network makes a carriage possible from any point of the world with the use of its own container equipment and the consignor\’s equipment, and its specific components.

2. Sea carriages

The agents\’ network of the company permits to operate with various sea-going vessels: container carriers, bulk carriers, ro-ro vessels etc.

For the years of operation in the sea carriage market our company established reliable partner relations with well-known shipping companies and container lines, as well as with their agents at ports.

Among our partners in the sphere of sea carriages there are such well-known companies as Dongnama Line., MCL, FESCO., MAERSK., SITC…

Regular sea carriages of containers and general cargoes carried out by our company permit our employees to come to know the particulars of the situation constantly varying in the market and the price policy of shipping companies.

Control over and following the course of carriages, informing of the location of cargoes en route, prompt response to any difficulties arisen.

3. Railway carriages

“Orient express Co., Ltd.” carries out all kinds of railway carriages with the use of opportunities afforded by railway transport. The company arranges the carriage of cargoes in containers, by special rolling stock, carriage of oversized cargoes on flatcar, in postal-luggage and freight cars.

”Orient Express Co., Ltd.” carries out delivery of cargoes in its own containers and in containers of the Russian railways to any of the stations open for the operation with containers, or to approach lines of cargo owners.

At the client\’s option “Orient Express Co., Ltd.” arranges such services as the provision of motor transport to the place of the loading of cargo into the container, forwarding of cargo to the station of dispatch, sealing of containers, shipment on the railway, tracking of cargo traffic and dislocation of cars over the whole route.

4. Inland carriages /Direct Multimodal Railway Water Traffic/

Our company carries out multimodal carriages from cities of Russia by the following routes:

• Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski (through the ports of Vladivostok, Korsakov);
• Magadan (through the port of Vostochny);
• Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (through the port of Vladivostok).

This mode of carriage combines several modes of transport: motor, railway and water.

The use of universal containers permits to avoid excess repacking of cargo at the port and related expenses.

The availability of the company\’s own container fleet and diversified network of agents in cities of Russia provides the clients with high-quality services, low prices and optimal dates of delivery of cargoes when they are transported in multimodal traffic.

5. Brokerage and customs services

Our company has contracts with brokerage offices at Far-Eastern ports, which in their turn offer the whole range of customs brokerage services connected with commercial activity of the enterprise – from consultation and accreditation in the customs to full customs clearance of cargo.

We will help you to get familiar with the Russian customs legislation which is constantly changed. When choosing our company you will always be in touch with the latest changes.

6. Forwarding at ports

Our company may render a full set of services related to arrangement of cargo forwarding at any port of the world. We can arrange processing of cargoes of any sizes and weights, and all kinds of containers.

7. Carriage of dangerous, heavyweight and bulk cargoes

If you need to deliver dangerous, heavyweight or bulk cargo “orient Express Co., Ltd.” offers you a transport scheme which includes the calculation of carriage, obtaining of approvals and permits from control authorities, arrangement of tracking and transshipments etc. Our company has a great experience in the carriage of similar cargoes. In addition, the optimal transport scheme allow to choose an optimal mode of delivery that will permit to minimize your transport expenses.