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Classes of dangerous cargoes

Information for clients

Container specification
Railroad wagons specification
Classes of dangerous cargoes
Main concepts of international sale operations

1 class 1 class of dangerous cargoes - explosive materials which owing to their properties may explode, cause fire with explosive effect, as well as devices containing explosive substances and means of explosion intended to make a pyrotechnic effect.
2 class 2 class of dangerous cargoes - compressed gasses, gasses condensed by cooling and dissolved under pressure which meet even one of the following conditions.
3 class 3 class of dangerous cargoes - inflammable liquids, mixtures of liquids, and liquids containing solid substances in solution or suspension which release inflammable vapors having closed flash point of 6°C and below.
4 class 4 class of dangerous cargoes - inflammable substances and materials (except those classified as explosives) which during transportation may easily catch fire from external inflammation sources, as a result of friction, moisture absorption, spontaneous chemical transformations as well as on heating.
5 class 5 class of dangerous cargoes - oxidants and organic peroxides which may easily release oxygen, sustain combustion, as well as which in relevant conditions or when mixed with other substances may cause self-ignition or explosion.
6 class 6 class of dangerous cargoes - toxic and infectious substances which may cause death, poisoning or disease in oral ingestion or in contact with skin and mucous membrane.
7 class 7 class of dangerous cargoes - radioactive substances with specific activity of more than 70 kBq/kg (2 nC/g).
8 class 8 class of dangerous cargoes - caustic and corrosive substances, which cause damage to skin, affection of mucous membranes of eyes and respiratory tracts, metal corrosion and damage to vehicles, structures or cargoes, and may cause fire in interaction with organic materials or some chemical substances.
9 class 9 class of dangerous cargoes - substances with relatively low danger during transportation referred to none of the previous classes but required certain rules of transportation and storage to be applied to them.