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Company address:


100, Krigina Str.,
Vladivostok, 690065, Russia.
tel: (4232) 51-44-43, 44, 45
fax: (4232) 51-61-85

General: order@orient.vntc.ru
ExRussia: expkat@orient.vntc.ru
Railway: nataly@orient.vntc.ru
Equipment:   fadin@orient.vntc.ru

Office 106, 17, Vnutriportovaya Str.,
Vrangel, 692941, Russia.
tel: (4236) 665-445, 665-717
fax: (4236) 665-471

Office 8, premises № 4,
5/7, Spartakovskaya Str.,
Khimki, 141402, Russia.
tel: (495) 545-02-33
fax: (495) 545-02-33

orientm@gin.ru Director


Sales Manager

St. Peterburg:
tel: (812) 495-97-45
fax: (812) 495-97-46



Orient Express Shanghai branch
Freight Forwarding Co.
China, ShanghaiRm. 201, Block 1,
Pearl of Wisdom Industrial Park,
No.738 Guangji Rd.
 Zip Code: 200434
Телефоны: +86 21 6167-2318
Mobile+86 15000233530
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Information about Company

Соединяя пространство и время




Orient Express was founded in 2001, the gradual development of the company led to its entry into the various transport associations and networks.

  Orient Express: logo ERA

  also Orient Express - is a member of the   Association of Russian Forwarders (ERA)
 Orient Express: FIATA logo  as well as the  International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) 






with the right to use the registered forwarding documents FIATA, allows us to produce a single waybill for multi-modal transportation with the combined use of the sea, road, rail and air transport for freight customers in the domestic and international communications allows the company Orient Express  to optimize the time and cost               


Orient Express  LLC is  Ocean Freight Forwarder & Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier, Trucking  company , Customs broker.

 We  are expert  in  railway transit  inland Russia, provide  full range of forwarding and logistic solution at Russian Far East (Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Vostochny Port, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatckiy, Vanino, and Korsakov ) both export or import,  by  different transport mode: Ship; Railway; Truck; Aircraft and   their various combinations.

We have network of our agents at all main stations along Trans Siberian Railway and in Russian European Part, Ural and Siberia. Our skilled specialists will help you to choose the most optimum route both as for the cost and time of delivery.

Indicate place of your cargo location and we will choose the most optimum delivery plan with cost estimates. Our task is to find the most comfortable way for our clients.

Activities & Capacities:

  • Heavy Lift and Over Size  or Project cargo transshipment via Vladivostok,    Nakhodka, Vostochny ports dispatch to  European part and Siberia  by railway.
  • Containers/FCL: railway and  truck service (haulage) Russian Far East (Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, and Nakhodka etc.), Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg, and Novosibirsk from other main cities by  our agent.
  • LCL Handling at Vladivostok (via Busan, Moscow, Sankt-Peterburg only. Inland shipments are required  customs clearance at Vladivostokand and then can be sent to the destination. 
  • We have fleet of own containers (~2500  TEU) and leased (Geseaco, Cronos)  also we have agreement with FESCO, KMTC, HMM, Sinokor, CMA-CGM, Maersk, APL use their containers for inland Russia shipment  with drop off or redeliver  terms
  • Operate both Vladivostok ports(CY)  Commercial  port (VCT, TET)  or Fishery port (VMCT)  (Customs clearance, d/o, pick up)


At transferring of the cargo through transit ports our specialists will count the optimum plan for its placement and fastening in the car, container or at the vessel. They will calculate the placement of oversize cargo in the cars, prepare correspondent drawings and approve them at the Railways Administration.

Register and complete the attached form of Application for transportation calculation and you will get a qualified answer.